Automatic Device VED

Automatic Device VED
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Erectile dysfunction solutions

impotence  solutions

Increasing size of the penis

Time prolongation

Veins leakage solutions

Premature ejaculation

As vacuum therapy systems progressed over the years, it became evident that the older systems were cumbersome, hard to use, and not very comfortable for patients. Out of this necessity, the Vacuum erection was derived. Vacuum erection is the easiest for patients to use and it will always produce comfortable and suitable erections for the patient.

The Vacuum erection system offers :

  • Erection on demand
  • User friendly, easy application
  • Comfortable soft-gel tension systems with easy loader
  • Penile rehabilitation and improved treatment outcomes
  • The best treatment results possible (98% effective
  • Total patient support program

Today, most urologists recognize the many benefits and quality of the industry leader in vacuum therapy system treating ED and the Vacuum erection system is over 98% effective. Clinical studies show that men who don’t respond well to Viagra or other oral medications that treat ED saw a significant improvement of erections when used with the Vacuum erection. A British Journal of Urology study shows that daily use of vacuum therapy led to an improvement in spontaneous erections in 60% of the men in the study. An article published in Men’s Confidential magazine rated the vacuum erection system best of all the systems tested.

This treatment is recommended as a first step treatment for erectile dysfunction. The Vacuum erection will produce instant, controllable, and predictable results and at the lowest cost of any therapy.

The Vacuum erection offers an easy solution that will work for almost any man regardless of the cause of his erectile dysfunction. We look forward to helping all patients bring intimacy and a healthy sex life back into their relationship.

How It Works

The Vacuum erection vacuum therapy system, the non-surgical approach to the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and is an external method of achieving a full, strong erection, firm enough for sexual intercourse.

The penis is placed inside the Vacuum erection which draws blood into the penis, causing the penis to become erect. The erection is then maintained by placing a tension ring around the base of the penis, which prevents the blood from flowing back into the body.

The Vacuum erection consists of a vacuum cylinder, tension rings, a hand or battery operated pump, and detailed instructions.

Out of more than 750,000 patients, less than one percent have discontinued use of the Vacuum erection.

Step 1

Lubricate your penis, the inside of the penile cylinder and your pubic hair with a water soluble sealing gel.


Step 2

Insert your penis into the prepared cylinder.

Step 3

Create the vacuum.

Step 4

When the tension ring transfer is complete you are now ready for use.

Spare part & Maintenance


Rings (Small, medium and large)

Gel Pumps & motor


Available maintenance and spare parts for all models.


Price range for devices starting 499.

Credit facilities

Credit facilities paying down payment monthly installments available for all models.

Home Delivery

Available fitting and delivery for all models to all Egypt by order from our call center hotline 19794 or 23930400.

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