About us

The international office for imports & export, International center was founded in 1981

Dr. Khaled Abou Takeya Medical Doctor (Physician) The Owner & CEO

Main Objective.

  • Make life easier for sick people using the highest & latest medical technology pieces in the world.
  • Specialized  in import & distribution of medical equipments & disabled products.
  • sole exclusive agents for multinational companies in the usa, england, europe.

Our main line of specialty are:

  • Men health products solutions our objective is to secure a more stable life for families by improving  men health performance using latest medical technologies.
  • Hearing aid  disabilities & hearing loss solutions for the elderly.
  • For children in all education levels.
  • For elderly to communicate & live a better social life

Sole exclusive agents in Egypt for international companies in the USA, England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

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